What are the processing methods of hardware parts processing?

1. Stamping. The stamping of hardware parts processing uses pre-designed molds and cold stamping processing on a stamping machine. Generally, it is used to process plates. Its advantage is high processing efficiency, especially suitable for mass order production. The stamping process is generally divided into engineering molds and continuous molds. Engineering dies are generally called single-punch dies, which are suitable for the processing of some more complex parts and plates that require several sets of abrasive tools.

The continuous mold is to split the shape of the product into several parts under the cavity of the mold, and load them all into a mold, so that the punch is processed by a Hengcheng to produce a finished product, in a general hardware accessories processing factory in Foshan The relatively high-speed continuous mold processing products can reach three to four hundred per minute.

2. Lathe: The lathe for hardware parts processing is a precision processing equipment, which is divided into four types: ordinary lathe, automatic lathe, instrument lathe and computer lathe. The lathe is to rotate the material by clamping the material on the upper surface of the lathe, and perform radial or axial processing from the lane inside the lathe. Now, more and more manufacturers use automatic lathes and computer lathes, both of which are fully automatic lathes, with few human interventions in processing, which can minimize the accuracy error that the operation is expected to arrive, and the processing efficiency is fast , Suitable for mass production of products.

With the development of science, the automatic lathes and computer lathes of hardware parts processing manufacturers are now equipped with side rotary tools and back rotary tools, so that milling can be performed even on lathes, which greatly increases the processing efficiency and makes the lathe The roughness of the processed surface is controlled between Ra0.4-1.6.


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