What Are The Advantages Of Carbon Fiber Bicycles?

Now commonly used means of transport are bicycles, cars, electric cars, motorcycles and so on.Among them, bicycles are the cheapest, take up the least space and do not need fuel, so they are popular with people.Things are constantly developing, and so are bicycles, of course. The materials from steel and stainless steel to aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy are constantly changing, and the functions are getting better and better.Now, a new material, carbon fiber, has also been used to make bicycle carbon fiber with high strength, low density, stable chemical properties and good mechanical properties.The advantages of carbon fiber bicycles are as below:1. Fast speed.Carbon fiber is so light that bicycles made from it are much lighter than those made from steel or alloy.Ride a bicycle to cannot rely on outside force, it is to rely on double foot pedal completely, the bicycle is heavier, the force that the person USES is big, ride rises laborious, travel speed is slower.2. High safety performance.The greater the weight, the greater the inertia, carbon red – dimensional bike light weight, when the brakes can be quickly brake, good safety.In addition, if a bicycle is accidentally hit when riding, the general bicycle will directly fall apart, the strength and flexibility of carbon fiber material is good, not easy to break.It also absorbs the effect of external forces, can withstand a large part of the impact, to protect the safety of drivers.3. Beautiful appearance.Carbon fiber has strong plasticity and can be molded into different shapes to meet people’s pursuit of appearance.

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