Vandal-resistant push button needs less space behind the panel

Vandal-resistant push button needs less space behind the panel

The ATPS22 series has a shorter bushing than its ATP19 or 22 series, and comes in solder lug or wire terminated versions. The solder version extends 21.15mm from the front of the Panel to the tip of its lugs.

Travel is 1.8 ±0.2mm, with 4.5 ±1.5N operating force and mechanical life is 1,000,000 actuations, while electrical life for the 36V 2A momentary contact is 200,000 cycles at full load. Sealing is to IP67.

Typically for the company’s anti-vandal switches, there are plenty of options:

The push-button can be plain stainless steel, with an illuminated ring, or with a ring and a power logo.

Illuminated versions have inverse-parallel LEDs of either two different colours: red+green or red+blue, or a single colour with a choice of white, red, yellow, green or blue. The in-built LED current-limiting Resistor comes in versions for 6, 12 or 24V operation, or 3V in the case of red or yellow types.

The M22 x 1mm bushing can be cylindrical, or with one or two anti-rotation flats.

The ATPS22 Series is commonly used in applications like safety & security systems, intercom “push-to-talk” devices, food & drink vending machines, parking lot ticket machines/ticket paying stations and industrial instruments.

The ATPS22 product web page is here


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