Top 10 safe operation techniques for concrete cutting

Top 10 safe operation techniques for concrete cutting

  1. The working mechanism on the Cutting Machine should ensure normal state and performance, secure installation, firmness and reliability.
  2. After starting, it should run without load, check and confirm that the saw blade is running in the correct direction, the lifting mechanism is flexible, there are no abnormalities, abnormal calls during operation, and everything is normal before operation.
  3. Before use, check and confirm that the motor and cable are normal, the protective grounding is good, the protective device is safe and effective, the saw blade is used first to meet the requirements, and the installation is correct.
  4. The operator should press the workpiece tightly with both hands, and evenly feed the material, and do not use excessive force when pushing the cutting machine. Do not wear gloves during operation.
  5. The cutting thickness should be carried out in accordance with the factory nameplate regulations of the machine, and no ultra-thick cutting is allowed.
  6. The size of the cut concrete block should be strictly calculated.
  7. During operation, when the workpiece has impact, beating or abnormal sound, it should be shut down for inspection immediately, and the operation can be continued after troubleshooting.
  8. It is strictly forbidden to inspect and repair all parts during operation. Debris on the saw table and in the saw crevice of the component should be removed in time with special tools, and must not be picked up or wiped by hand.
  9. After operation, clean the machine body, dry the saw blade, drain the remaining water from the water tank, take back the cable, and store it in a dry and ventilated place.
  10. In addition to the necessary mechanical repair and maintenance, the insulation resistance of the motor must be measured for the machine that has been left for reuse for a long time, and it can be used only after it is qualified.

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