The processing accuracy of hardware parts processing includes the content

According to the hardware parts processing company, the machining accuracy requirements in the machining process are relatively strict, and the machining accuracy refers to the degree to which the actual geometric parameters of the workpiece after machining conform to the ideal value specified in the part drawing.

The degree of inconsistency between them is called processing error.

Drill sleeves can improve the precision of machining. Drill sleeve, small body, big change.

Machining accuracy includes three aspects:

1. According to the introduction of the hardware parts processing company, the dimensional accuracy limits the dimensional error between the processed surface and its benchmark to not exceed a certain range.

2. Geometric shape accuracy, limit the macro geometric shape error of the machined surface, such as roundness, cylindricity, straightness and flatness.

3. Mutual position accuracy, limit the mutual position error between the machined surface and its reference, such as parallelism, perpendicularity and coaxiality, etc.


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