The important role of end mills in Dongguan CNC machining

When machining a workpiece on a CNC machine with an end mill, it can be clearly seen that the tool center motion track gauge does not coincide with the contour of the workpiece. This is because the contour of the workpiece is formed by the motion envelope of the end mill. The center of the end mill is called the tool location point (4, 5 coordinate CNC machine tools are called tool location vector), and the motion track meter of the tool location point represents the motion path of the tool. According to Dongguan CNC Machining Company, in CNC machining, whether to compile the program according to the contour size of the workpiece, or compile the program according to the movement track size of the tool position point, this should be dealt with according to the specific situation.

CNC machine tool end mill processing

Dongguan CNC processing manufacturers analyzed that in the full-function CNC machine tool, the CNC system has a tool compensation function, which can be programmed according to the contour size of the workpiece. After the tool compensation is established and executed, the CNC system automatically calculates, and the tool position point is automatically adjusted to the tool motion path. on. Directly use the size of the workpiece to compile the processing program, the tool wears out, and the processing program is unchanged after replacement, so the use is simple and convenient.

Economical CNC machine tools are simple in structure, low in price, and have a certain amount of ownership in manufacturing enterprises. According to the analysis of Dongguan CNC processing manufacturers, in the economical CNC machine tool system, if there is no tool compensation function, the processing program can only be compiled according to the motion path size of the tool location point, which requires the tool location point to be calculated according to the contour size of the workpiece and the tool diameter. The size of the track. Therefore, the calculation amount is large and complicated, and the tool wear and replacement need to recalculate the track size of the tool location point and reprogram the processing program.


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