Ten functions of fiber metal laser cutting machine software

Auto follow: the height will follow automatically during the cutting process.Automatic sorting: programming, nesting and nesting of parts to be cut.Automatic compensation: make up for the size difference caused by the cutting seam loss, and automatically perform material compensation to ensure product accuracy.Automatic edge finding: Perceive the inclination angle and origin of the sheet, and cut at the angle and position suitable for the sheet to avoid waste of raw materials.Breakpoint memory:

The system records the machine’s suspension state when the power is off, and the machine can continue to work on the original basis after restarting.Automatic leapfrog: Parabolic motion is used in the idle stroke to reduce the time of raising the cutting head and improve cutting efficiency, commonly known as “leapfrog”.

Automatically walk the frame: before the material is cut, confirm the processing range through the software setting, and make sure that the required cutting material does not shift.Automatically add lead: automatically set the lead position to prevent burns at the beginning and end of the workpiece.

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Co-edge cutting: According to certain rules, the parts with long sides are arranged together as long as possible in a long-side-to-long-side manner. When the cutting command is generated, the common edge part of the outer contour of these parts is cut only once.

Save time and save materials.Can read DXF/AI/PLT format files and international standard G codesAutomatic micro link: During the cutting process, the parts and the plate are not separated to ensure that the parts are not deformed and the safety of the laser head during rapid movement.

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