Sensor modules provide precision airflow monitoring

Mouser now stocks the FS1015 and FS3000 airflow sensor modules from Renesas Electronics. The vertical-mount FS1015 and the surface-mount FS3000 offer precision airflow monitoring for detecting system failures, measuring air handling, controlling fan speed, and more in HVAC systems, data centres, analytic gas-monitoring systems, and air quality systems.

The sensors employ a series of MEMS thermocouples to produce high-sensitivity air monitoring. Both sensors measure direct local air at up to 15m per second, enabling system control to adjust quickly, offering closed-loop control while delivering maximum efficiency and cost savings. The solid thermal isolation of the MEMS sensing element coupled with a silicon-carbide film offers superior abrasive wear resistance and long-term reliability.

The FS1015 is supplied in a 28.2mm x 14.2mm x 7.3mm package with leads for vertical mounting and screw-secured side tabs. The FS3000 MODULE is provided in an 8mm x 9.1mm x 4.4mm surface-mount package perfect for low-profile applications.


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