Sanyo STK621-015B

Sanyo STK621-015B Sanyo STK621-015B

#STK621-015B Sanyo STK621-015B New SANYO Inverter POWER HYBRID MODULE IGBT 600V/10A High Speed, STK621-015B pictures, STK621-015B price, #STK621-015B supplier
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1. Overview:
This IC is a 3-phase Inverter power hybrid IC containing power elements (IGBT and FRD),
pre-driver, over-current protection circuit.
2. Application:
3-phase Inverter Motor. Induction Motor. Blushless-DC Motor
3. Features:
• Integrates power elements (IGBT and FRD), pre-driver, and protective circuit.
•Protective circuits including over-current (bus line), and pre-drive low voltage protection are built in.
•Direct input of CMOS level control signals without an insulating circuit (photo-coupler, etc) is possible.
•A single power supply drive is enabled through the use of bootstrap circuits for upper power supplies. (externally set)
•Built-in simultaneous upper/lower ON prevention circuit to prevent arm shorting through simultaneous ON input for the upper and lower side transistors. (Dead time is required for preventing shorting due to switching delay.)
•SIP (The single in-line package) of the transfer full mold structure.
4. Absolute maximum ratings at Tc=25℃
Parameter Symbol Ratings Unit Remarks
Supply voltage VCC 500 V + to – pins, surge<600V
Collector-emitter voltage VCE 600 V
Output current IO ±10 A 
Output peak current IOP ±15 A +, -, U, V, W terminal current PW=100uSec
Maximum loss Pd 15 W Per 1 channel
Junction temperature Tj 150 ℃ 
Storage temperature Tstg -40 to +125 ℃
Operating temperature TC -20 to +100 ℃
Mounting torque 1.0 Nm A screw part



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