Product Design Is An Art

A good product is inseparable from a good design, comfortable color matching, and simple appearance design, which can express the core idea of ​​the product. Designs are also called “industrial designs”, and the design content includes shapes, styles, colors, or combinations thereof. It does not include its construction method or principle, as well as the appearance or shape whose main purpose is to realize the product function.

The appearance design refers to the appearance design of an industrial product, that is, the style of an industrial product. It is completely different from an invention or utility model in that the design is not a technical solution. It must be a design for the appearance of the product. Such as home appliance design, product appearance design and so on. The design of shapes, patterns or their combinations, and the designs of colors, shapes, and patterns. Can be applied in multiple industries. The product design of the home appliance industry, the product design of mechanical equipment, the product design of maternal and child products, etc. Industrial product design, the product needs to be aesthetically pleasing.

The applied art involves two concepts: one is the practical product, and the other is the artistic aspect of the practical product. Regarding utility products, utility products refer to items with intrinsic practical functions, and their intrinsic practical functions are not only to describe the appearance of the item or to convey information. The artistic aspect of practical products refers to the relevant shapes, patterns, colors and artistic designs of practical objects, which can be graphics, sculptures, sculptures, etc.

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From this point of view, there is no essential difference between the design of the product and the artistic aspect of the utility product.

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