Precautions for diamond wire saw cutting

Static cutting and non-destructive cutting technology of electric Wire Saw machine is also called non-destructive cutting and dismantling technology. Diamond wire saw machine energy cutting and dismantling is an environmentally friendly, efficient and safe new static cutting and dismantling construction method developed in recent years. The electric reinforced concrete Cutting Machine (diamond wire saw) is specially designed for cutting and separating large reinforced concrete structures. The main principle of the electric wire saw is to drive the steel wire rope with diamond beads (diamond saw rope) at high speed through an electric roller motor. /Diamond beaded rope) runs around the object to be cut. Under the action of a certain tensile force, the object to be cut is ground at a high speed, and the grinding debris and heat generated are taken away by the cooling water, resulting in the purpose of separating the object to be cut.

Before using the diamond wire saw for cutting, the operator must receive professional training from the electric wire saw manufacturer. There are several key points during construction that require special attention from the construction unit. Then, the manufacturer of diamond beaded wire saw machine-Shanghai Zongsen Demolition Engineering Co., Ltd. will show you what are the precautions for diamond wire saw cutting?

  • 1. Start the small electric motor of Zongsen diamond wire saw, adjust the lifting tension of the driving wheel through the control Panel, ensure that the diamond bead rope is properly tightened, supply circulating cooling water, and then start the large electric motor to drive the driving wheel to drive the diamond rope to rotate and cut. During the cutting process of the electric wire saw, the stability of the machine base must be closely observed, and the deviation of the guide wheel must be adjusted at any time to ensure that the cutting rope of the concrete wire saw is in the same plane.
  • 2. During the diamond beaded rope cutting process, the direction of the diamond saw rope movement must be protected by a safety fence, and safety signs should be set up in a certain area to remind pedestrians not to enter the construction work area.
  • 3. Enough flushing fluid should be ensured during the cutting process of the concrete wire saw to ensure the cooling of the diamond beaded rope and take away the grinding dust. The remote control wire saw cutting operation achieves stable speed, stable parameters and stable equipment.
  • 4. The safety protection measures of the diamond bead wire saw must be strict and rigorous, otherwise the diamond beads on the broken diamond rope will fly out like bullets and injure people. Therefore, in addition to taking necessary protective measures at the scene, all irrelevant personnel are not allowed to observe.

When choosing the type of electric concrete wire saw cutting process, the construction staff should consider from many aspects and choose the appropriate construction tool.

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