Packaging laser marking machine protect the interests of consumers

Packaging laser marking machine protect the interests of consumers

  Now there are various health care products in the market, how does consumer choose eligible health care products, how does businessman prevent counterfeiting and regional sales in the same industry for effective management? The secret is that manufacturers will use a high-tech security measures to identify their products to ensure the interests of consumers. Therefore, the date of the printer box plays an important role in the production line.

       At the same time, showing the unique personality by product packaging date printer is the key to winning business consumers. Currently widely used ink inkjet printer has not kept pace with the development of this industry, and packaging date printer get the popular use in the industry with the character of permanent sear.
       Printer packaging date marking technology is a advanced technology, getting the rapid development trend. Laser marking machine greatly solves the traditional marking machine problems to improve the reliability and flexibility of the equipment, suitable for a variety of packaging materials.
 The working principle of the laser marking machine is focusing high energy density on the surface of marking subject. In a very short period of time, it gasifies the substance on the surface and controls the effective displacement of laser beam, carves exactly the delicate pattern or text.
Therefore, the laser marking is the most green and safe food marking.
       Recommended Equipment: MC30-B-A laser marking machine

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       • Carbon dioxide packaging date printer adopts international quality fiber lasers, cooperated with the high-quality optics with excellent control board professional laser marking equipment. The series has a good beam mode, stable and reliable the system , tight optical package and so on.
       The packaging date machine is able to dot, print the various single line fonts of vector, it can mark letters, numbers, characters, icons, symbols, one-dimensional bar codes, two-dimensional bar code, date, serial number, random numbers, real-time variable logos and other text. Han’s Yueming laser also offers a variety of laser equipment for market selection, such as UV laser marking machine, hardware laser marking machine, food packaging laser marking machine and so on.

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