Nanjing Chenglian “Nanjing 3D Printing Intelligent Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center” was recognized

Recently, the Nanjing Municipal Science and Technology Bureau announced the list of accreditation of Nanjing Engineering Technology Research Center in 2021. After being recommended by district-level authorities and review by experts, Nanjing Chenglian was selected into the list with its high-quality products and leading technology advantages in the 3D Printing field. The “Nanjing 3D Printing Intelligent Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center” was recognized as Nanjing City Engineering Technology Research Center.

The Nanjing Engineering Technology Research Center is mainly built on the basis of innovative enterprises with certain scientific and technological strength and scale in various industries and fields in the province. It aims to promote the accredited units to further improve the management mechanism, increase R&D investment, strengthen personnel training, accelerate technological innovation and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, improve the construction level of engineering technology research centers, and provide high-quality development of technological innovation for enterprises and industries and the construction of a famous innovative city in Nanjing Provide strong support. The construction of “Nanjing 3D Printing Intelligent Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center” will provide strong support for Nanjing Chenglian to improve technological innovation and capability breakthroughs. Through the research and development of new products, it will lay a foundation for promoting the localization of 3D printing core components. By tackling key core technologies in the field of metal 3D printers dedicated to dentures, alleviating industry pain points and problems such as “high equipment cost, short equipment maintenance cycle, powder leakage, and slow printing efficiency” that are common in the domestic market. The integration of 3D printing technology and the medical dental industry will continue to promote the development and digital transformation and upgrading of the dental industry, boost the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry to a new level, and help the construction of Nanjing as an innovative city.

 Nanjing Chenglian Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is located in China (Nanjing) Software Valley Entrepreneurship Innovation City. It is a national high-tech enterprise incubated by Jiangsu 3D Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute and Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Additive Manufacturing Research Institute, focusing on selective laser melting ( Selective Laser Melting; SLM) metal 3D printing technology equipment research and development, metal materials, process development and printing services, to provide users with one-stop metal 3D printing application solutions. Nanjing Chenglian has rich experience in the development of selective laser melting metal 3D printing products, and has successfully developed a number of metal 3D printers with independent intellectual property rights, including: dental metal 3D printers NCL-M2150X, NCL-M2150T, NCL-M2165D , NCL-M3250D; industrial metal 3D printer NCL-M2120, NCL-M3250, NCL-M3280 and other standard models. Nanjing Chenglian products are widely sold all over the world, and have been sold to the United States, Canada, Italy, South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, etc. At present, there are more than 1,000 users of equipment and printing services 

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