Methods and difficulties of precision CNC machining

Method: According to processing method: divided into four categories: cutting processing, abrasive processing, special processing and compound processing; According to the mechanism and characteristics of processing method: divided into three categories: removal processing, combined processing and deformation processing. At present, traditional processing methods represented by cutting, grinding and grinding and polishing still occupy a dominant position.
Difficulties: According to the introduction of precision CNC machining company, ①Ultra-micro processing is like cutting discontinuities, and the stress is difficult to remove; ②The rigidity and thermal deformation of the process system have a large impact on the machining accuracy; ③The surface microscopic deformation of tools and workpieces is random and accurate Difficult to control.
Realization conditions: ①precision machining mechanism; ②precision machining equipment; ③precision machining tool; ④workpiece material; ⑤precision measurement and error compensation technology; ⑥working environment, conditions, etc.

According to a precision CNC machining manufacturer, an ultra-precision machining system includes a base, a first support arm fixedly arranged on the base, a second support arm slidably arranged on the base, and a A rotating shaft rotatably arranged on the first supporting arm, a processing tool arranged on the second supporting arm and slidable relative to the supporting arm, a detecting device and a control device located above the rotating shaft . The control device is used for calculating the offset of the rotating shaft according to the detection result of the detecting device and issuing a control command to adjust the processing tool according to the offset to offset the processing error caused by the offset of the rotating shaft.

The ultra-precision machining system uses a detection device to detect the position of the rotating shaft, can find the position deviation of the rotating shaft in real time, and offset the processing caused by the position deviation of the rotating shaft by moving the processing tool Error, so the machining accuracy can be improved.


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