Metal 3D printing company implements mandatory vaccination policy

A California-based company VELO3D factory workshop and office has been launched and fully operational. VELO3D is known for its complex unsupported metal 3D Printing capabilities and is now also known for its vaccination policy.

Benny Buller, CEO of VELO3D, said that the decision was made in a sense of responsibility for the company and the society. “Our choice will have a huge impact on the country’s next stage of development,” he said. It is understood that VELO3D requires approximately 120 employees across the company to be vaccinated against the new crown, unless a professional doctor provides them with a written medical certificate. Among the employees of the company, only one person provided a medical certificate, exempted from vaccination, and the other person resigned. Every VELO3D employee was vaccinated before the June 1 deadline.

This policy was opposed when it was implemented, but Benny Buller, CEO of VELO3D, said that he had consulted relevant laws, regulations and cases. In a lawsuit filed by 17 employees against Methodist Hospitals, a federal judge in Texas ruled that there was no federal law preventing employers from requiring their employees to be vaccinated against the new crown. Therefore, the lawsuit was dismissed. Buller called on other companies to also implement vaccination measures.

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