Mersen unveils latest heatsink calculator

Mersen unveils latest heatsink calculator

Mersen unveils latest heatsink calculator

Mersen has announced the availability of R-TOOLS MAXX, its next generation heat sink calculator.

A no charge, on-line simulation software R-TOOLS MAX has been developed to allow users to model the optimum air-cooled heat sink solution tailored to their project requirements. It is completely interactive and is available online 24/7.

Users are able to enter the boundary conditions, heat source details, and choice of flow boundaries for a project and the tool will then choose a heat sink that best fits the criteria. The software simulation engine outputs an air-cooled heat sink design along with 3D visualization. The software simulation results aid in reducing design time and increasing the reliability of the finished heat sink design, even before the first prototype is built.

R-TOOLS MAXX delivers advancements and improved features that help facilitate the use of the software. It comes with a modern and fresh visual design, with an upgraded graphical user interface and simulation visuals.

Commenting on the launch, Mersen said that the R-TOOLS MAXX draws from the latest simulation modelling software to provide users a more robust and accurate calculation tool.


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