Memory packaging market growing at 7% CAGR

Memory packaging market growing at 7% CAGR

Packaging for DRAM will account for 70% of the memory packaging segment in 2026.

After wirebond, flip-chip will represent the largest part of the memory packaging market in 2026 with 34%, mainly for DRAM packaging.

WLCSP5 is expected to grow in revenue at a CAGR20-26~14%, but in terms of value will remain only ~1% of the market by 2026.

Wirebond – discrete and multichip – will dominate the memory packaging market in 2026, followed by flip-chip. Wirebond is the most common packaging technology for NAND and mobile DRAM.

In 2020, about 68% of the memory packaging revenue was generated by IDMs. The remaining 32% was generated by OSAT7s.

Memory packaging in China is a key business opportunity for OSATs (Outsourced Assembly and Test). The rising memory manufacturers in China, YMTC (NAND) and CXMT (DRAM), must outsource all their packaging to OSATs.

All memory manufacturers are carrying out R&D on hybrid bonding.


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