Latest in innovative sensor technologies and resources

Mouser is helping to empower today’s design engineers with insightful content around exciting new sensor technologies enabling the latest design solutions. They offer a comprehensive sensor technology content stream on its website spotlighting technical trends, blogs, articles, diagrams and featured products from the world’s top manufacturers.

“Today’s electronic design engineers face the challenge of keeping up with fast-moving technology,” shares Kevin Hess, Mouser Electronics’ senior vice president of Marketing. “Mouser strives to offer design engineers a full spectrum of products, resources, services and tools to assist them throughout the design process.”

With the rapid development of the IoT and smart connected devices, manufacturers have made notable advances in sensor technology and capabilities, producing even smaller, less expensive, and better-performing products. To assist design engineers in making sense of these quickly evolving technologies, the company offers many resources, including videos, blog posts, and product information on the latest advanced sensors. The sensor technology content stream also provides multiple technical articles that comprise a range of tips and best practices, such as utilising sensor fusion in defect detection systems.

Furthermore, the company’s ‘Empowering Innovation Together’ program provides a series of blogs, videos, articles, and infographics on the latest trends in technology. The latest instalment includes a new sensor-focused episode of ‘The Tech Between Us’ podcast and industry insights into the future of sensors and the vital role they play within the industrial and IoT sectors.


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