Inductors for automotive power circuits

TDK HPL505032F1 Inductors, available now from Mouser, are high-current, low-inductance products employed for power circuits in CPU and GPU, such as ADAS. These inductors deliver high power efficiency by utilising a low-resistance frame for the highly permeable and low-loss ferrite.

These inductors provide a rated current that is 1.5x higher than the existing product and supports currents as high as 40A to 50A. While the proprietary structural design creates magnetic flux cancelling effects contributing to noise control, the frame that combines external with internal electrodes decreases the risk of an open circuit and short circuit, ensuring high reliability.

High power efficiency is achieved with low-loss ferrite and low DC resistance and reduced EMI with the magnetic flux cancelling structure. The operating range covers -55C and +155°C. The inductors offer compliance with AEC-Q200.

Suitable for ADAS (Level 5 for camera) applications.


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