Imported CNC lathe processing plant explained the lack of brand awareness in the hardware market

Imported CNC lathe processing plants introduced that the use of automatic lathes to process parts mainly depends on the needs of their product structure and product quality, rather than whether there is a demand for batch processing. Of course, using a computer lathe to machine parts is also a good method.

The advantage of using automatic lathes to process products is that they are dimensionally stable. Many companies have their own main products, and the parts and components of these products require high precision, but these parts with higher requirements are produced on the instrument lathe, so it is difficult to guarantee the accuracy of the products. Many customers of our company are their own products. Certain parts are processed either on ordinary lathes or instrument lathes. On the one hand, the speed is slow, and on the other hand, the size is unstable. This not only inhibits the improvement of product quality, but also causes a certain waste of resources, and the production cost of the product remains high. This is undoubtedly a problem for enterprises.
If the above problems are processed by automatic lathes, the problems will be solved. Automatic lathes are different from manual and instrumental lathes with very low precision. Automatic lathes use cams to customize and control the processing size. Due to the high manufacturing precision of the two cores, the spindle and slider of the automatic lathe (the spindle beat does not exceed 0.003mm), and the cam control method is mechanical, and the amount of change is small, so that the size of the workpiece will not change during long-term machining (generally, the processing size can be controlled to plus or minus 0.01mm).

This feature of automatic lathes gives the machining owners hope. Using automatic lathes to process parts can completely guarantee the quality of the products. As for the large and small quantities of processed parts, it has nothing to do with quality. Our company has a customer who produces instruments. They have many varieties of instruments. There are dozens of transmission gear parts in them, but the output is not large. One variety only has tens of thousands a month, but many The variety adds up, the monthly output is hundreds of thousands. They used two automatic lathes and hired a master. Although the debugging will take a little time, the dimensions of the parts are stable, and the automatic lathes can be used in a few days. finished. Not only the speed of product processing has been increased, but the quality of the entire product has also been improved.

Imported CNC lathe processing plant introduced that the low threshold of the hardware product processing and manufacturing industry needs to raise the threshold of the industry: even if a small hardware product processing and manufacturing enterprise has an advanced patented technology, similar lock products will appear in the small hardware market later.

The threshold of small hardware is low everywhere, and the awareness of lock patents is weak. In the current environment, the low threshold of the lock industry is doomed to the chaos of the hardware lock market.

The hardware product processing and manufacturing market lacks brand awareness:

Hardware product processing and manufacturing enterprises lack brand awareness, and there are no lock products of their own brands in the hardware market, but lock products of miscellaneous brands. Small locks should also have his brand products. The imported CNC lathe processing factory said that only with a brand can lock products have their own labels, which increases customer recognition. However, some lock companies do not realize the importance of the brand, so there are few branded products of hardware locks.


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