Han’s Yueming Group semi-automatic mask earloop welding machine fully improves the speed and quality of earloop welding.

Han’s Yueming Group semi-automatic mask earloop welding machine fully improves the speed and quality of earloop welding.

Han’s Yueming Group BHL-N95 / KN95A semi-automatic mask earband welding machine is designed for spot welding of N95 masks and KN95 masks. It uses ultrasonic method to fuse the outer sides of the mask body to complete the production of earband masks with high welding strength , High efficiency, simple operation, stable quality and so on. No need for manual earloop cutting, suitable for continuous operation, semi-automatic operation, effectively reduce the defective rate, reduce the labor intensity, improve the welding quality of the ear belt, and make the finished mask more comfortable to wear.


Equipment introduction

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The BHL-N95 / KN95A semi-automatic mask earloop welding machine is used in conjunction with the folding N95 / KN95 mask punching machine. The N95 / KN95 masks have already been edge-sealed when they come in. Manually put the mask pieces on the tool of the mask earloop welding machine, and then the equipment completes the automatic cutting, automatic forming and ultrasonic welding of the earloop, and the welding earloop are completed, finished products flow out from the rear side of the conveyor line.


(BHL-N95/KN95A Semi-automatic mask earloop welding machine)




One-time automatic completion of mask shaping, ear loop feeding, simultaneous welding of both sides of the ear belt, automatic cutting, etc.

Automatic counting, touch screen to view and download production data;

Simple adjustment device, easy to change materials;

Touch screen operation, which can realize automatic switch by hand, debugging is very convenient;

Equipped with high-power ultrasonic welding device, the welding spot is firm and beautiful, and the welding interval is short;

Pneumatic earloop scissors, sharp and durable, without manual ear straps, suitable for continuous operation, reducing manual labor intensity;

Supports mask production types: 3-5 layers of PP non-woven fabric, activated carbon and filter materials;

Han’s Yueming Group semi-automatic mask earloop welding machine can be used in conjunction with one semi-automatic mask machine to meet the needs of faster mask production speed.


In the context of the global outbreak, Han’s Yueming Group quickly responded and quickly switched production, gathering R & D, manufacturing, supply chain and other advantageous forces, and quickly arranged automatic KN95 mask machine, plane mask machine, semi-automatic mask machine, the R & D and production of mask earloop welding machines will form a batch supply capacity in a short period of time. In order to catch all kinds of epidemic prevention equipment and deliver it to customers in time, Yueming people work overtime, no weekends, no holidays, wholeheartedly, go all out, as long as the finished product is debugged and offline, no matter what time, it is required to ship immediately, only for customers Submit a perfect answer.


If you want to buy KN95 automatic mask machine, plane mask machine, semi-automatic mask machine, mask earloop welding machine and other epidemic prevention equipment, please contact


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