Fiber laser cutting machine to achieve high quality cutting needs to pay attention to a number of points

For many metal processing manufacturers, the traditional processing methods can no longer meet the current production needs.The emergence of fiber laser Cutting Machine has greatly reduced the processing time and production costs of manufacturers, and is receiving more and more attention from companies. For the purchase of fiber laser cutting machine friends, cutting quality is often the focus of attention during the purchase process, the following follow GOLD MARK LASER to see the fiber laser cutting machine to achieve high quality cutting needs to pay attention to the three aspects.

1. the cut section is smooth, less grain, no brittle fracture. Fiber laser cutting machine in the cutting, cutting traces will show up after the laser beam deviation, so a slight reduction in the rate at the end of the cutting process, you can eliminate the formation of grain.2.the size of the width of the cutting slit. This factor is related to the thickness of the cutting board and the size of the nozzle, in general, cutting thin plate slit narrow, the choice of nozzle is small, because the need for less jet, the same, thick plate then need more jet, so the nozzle is also large, the cutting slit will be correspondingly wider. So look for the appropriate type of nozzle in order to cut a good product.3.the cutting verticality is good, the heat affected area is small. The verticality of the cutting edge is very important, away from the focal point, the laser beam will be scattered, depending on the location of the focal point, the cut becomes wider towards the top or bottom, the more vertical the edge, the higher the cutting quality.

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