Fiber laser cutting machine ipg casts the beauty of metal craftsmanship

In laser metal processing, as long as the graphics are designed on the computer, the metal can be made into the desired pattern. The metal cut by the fiber laser machine Metal Cut has a shape. Arbitrary, the size and depth can be adjusted at will, high precision, fast speed, clear and smooth without burrs, “no contact” processing does not crush the material and other advantages. Laser processing has increasingly become an indispensable helper in the metal processing industry.

The advent of laser equipment not only increased the production efficiency of metal crafts and reduced costs, but also became a “plaything” affordable to the public.The traditional metal home decoration is cold and dull, and the Laser Cut elements are merged into it. Whether it is a metal screen, doors, windows or lighting, it has become beautiful, giving people a pleasing feeling.

The laser metal processing technology is very mature, and the data shows that by 2016, more than 47% of the world’s high-power laser processing market revenue and industrial laser revenue receipts. Metal cutting is a driver of increased revenue from high-power laser processing.The company launched a series of high-precision laser cutting machines for metal processing, which have successfully succeeded in the market and brought huge benefits to customers.

Want to quickly obtain the three-dimensional data of the product? Can’t find the CAD drawing of the product? Need to do finite element data analysis? Need to scan the model to establish 3D data for inspecting the surface of the part? Obtaining 3D data and models of historical buildings, ancient villages, and archaeological sites? All your needs, in, can provide the best 3D Scanning Service in a short time.

Applicable specifications for metal processing:The LXF1530 fiber laser Cutting Machine 1.5kw has always been a big selling platform in the LXSHOW plane cutting machine. It has a database accumulated for many years. It has fast acceleration and high accuracy. It can meet the cutting needs of carbon steel, stainless steel and other metal plates. It is processed by medium and thin plates. Ideal choice.

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