ExOne opens a new metal 3D printing application center in Germany

3D Printing World” News/ExOne has opened a new metal 3D printing application center in Germany.

This investment expands ExOne’s long-term European adoption center, which 3D prints sand molds and cores for metal casting customers. The new 270-square-meter metal adoption center now provides manufacturers with end-to-end engineering services for direct metal 3D printing, including benchmarking, design support, and material, process, and work cell development.

ExOne has been developed and manufactured in Germany since 2020. The X1 160Pro has become the world’s largest metal binder jet 3D printer. It is the result of the company’s European and American metal experts combining global capabilities and expertise in producing sand binder jets. .

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The advantages of the new European metal adoption center include the ability to evaluate customer requirements with local experts and solutions in the European center, as well as the ability to quickly or flexibly provide benchmarks and sample parts. Since the center is located 45 minutes west of Munich by car, it is possible to visit the Metal Application Center upon request. The regional sales team can provide consulting support on all aspects of 3D printing of bonded metals (and sand).

The article on this site is reproduced from https://odm.wiki/exone-opens-a-new-metal-3d-printing-application-center-in-germany/

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