Dongguan CNC machining needs to adapt to non-stop turning ability

Dongguan CNC machining can not only complete the shaft and disc sleeve parts that can be processed by ordinary CNC, but also process various complex rotating parts, such as complex curved surfaces; it can also process various pitch and even variable pitch threads. Numerical control CNC is generally used for high-precision, mass-produced parts; various shafts and disc sleeve parts with complex shapes.

Dongguan CNC machining usually does not have a machining center in small private companies that are based on turning processing. For positioning pin holes with high position accuracy, it is a technical difficulty in the processing and production process. At this time, if the existing CNC machining exceeds its processing The range of workpieces is of great practical significance for small enterprises to reduce production costs and improve equipment utilization.

Small-scale private companies that mainly rely on CNC machining usually do not have machining centers. The positioning pin holes that require high position accuracy are technical difficulties in the processing and production process.

The quality of the machine tools processed by Dongguan CNC directly affects the quality of the machines manufactured. There are many aspects to measure the quality of a machine tool, but the main requirements are good manufacturability, serialization, generalization, high degree of standardization, simple structure, light weight, reliable work, and high productivity.

Special-purpose machine tools can only complete one or a few specific processes of parts, and their process possibilities are relatively narrow. They are suitable for mass production, can improve productivity, ensure processing quality, simplify machine tool structure, and reduce machine tool costs.

The chip cutting tools processed by Dongguan CNC have been processed in the clamping part of the spindle and the workpiece to ensure that the processing accuracy remains unchanged. In the actual application, the machine tool is equipped with an independent MODULE with milling and drilling functions, which can be increased or decreased according to the processing needs of the workpiece to complete the milling, milling, slot milling, and sawing of shaft workpieces. The spindle adopts high-hardness The spring chuck can hold various types of special-shaped bar materials. Turning, milling, drilling, bore, reaming, tapping, and lettering can be formed at one time; it can complete variable-pitch thread, multi-thread thread, rectangular thread, spherical thread and other non-standard Compound processing of threads


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