Daily application of 3D printing-sharing of essential good things at home

As we all know, 3D Printing is a good helper for most designers and engineers in their work. Today, I will share some good home essentials that can be printed in daily life. What should I do if the windproof cover of the external wall of the kitchen is broken?As the exhaust vent of the range hood, it is a bit troublesome to lose the weatherproof cover, but there is a technician at home that everything is so easy.

Will Ani used Tinkercad to design the wind-proof cover for the ventilation vent on the exterior wall of his kitchen, and used Flashcast Leader 2 to print it out.

▲Flash casting technology leader 2 printing, material PC, printing time 8 hours Mikael Odström cleverly used the wall space to print a set of exclusive vacuum cleaner racks through Adventurer 3.

Want to quickly obtain the three-dimensional data of the product? Can’t find the CAD drawing of the product? Need to do finite element data analysis? Need to scan the model to establish 3D data for inspecting the surface of the part? Obtaining 3D data and models of historical buildings, ancient villages, and archaeological sites? All your needs, in 3d-printing-china.com, can provide the best 3D Scanning Service in a short time.

▲Flashcasting Technology Adventurer 3 printing, material PLA, 7 parts printing, a total of 24 hours 3D Printing consumables shelf 3D printing consumables are too much, occupying the desktop space is messy, how to solve? Jason Nascimento spent about 2 weeks designing, adjusting and printing, and finally completed 6 Star Wars Lego-shaped filament holders with a height of 310-330mm and a width of 160mm, which are both interesting and practical.

▲Flashcasting technology Wolverine 3+ leader 2S printing, the material PLA ceiling lamp buckle due to aging of the buckle parts, the ceiling lamp shade at home suddenly fell off. I cannot buy individual buckle parts, what should I do if I need to replace the entire lampshade? After measuring the size, Mr. Li designed three replacement snap parts, which took less than 1 hour to complete the printing with the Dreamer 3D printer.

▲Dreamer printing, material PLA, printing time <1 hour 3D printers can be used as emergency helpers or tools for storage and organization in daily applications. I believe that through everyone’s whimsy, 3D printers will also become a very useful treasure appliance in the family.

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