Contact information of Dongguan mask machine manufacturers. How much does it cost to build a mask production line?

Contact information of Dongguan mask machine manufacturers. How much does it cost to build a mask production line?

There are a lot of manufacturers selling mask machines. But it is not easy to find out a reliable and affordable source manufacturer. Nowadays, there are fish and dragons jumbled together in mask machine market. The market is flooded with middlemen buying and selling, and they have earned most of the profits. Among the mask machine manufacturers, Guangdong mask machine manufacturers are the most. Therefore, the reliable contact information of Guangdong mask machine manufacturers has become a hot topic in word of mouth.

Although there are many of mask machine manufacturers in Guangdong, we have to widen our eyes when looking for them, and be alert, look for the reputation of the manufacturers, the availability of spot supply and whether they can inspect the machine on site. With 20 years of experience in R & D, production and after-sales service of high-end industrial equipment and strong capital strength, Han’s Yueming Group's third-generation fully automatic KN95 mask machine can be booked in large quantities in stock and futures, equipment delivery and after-sales service All are fully guaranteed, the equipment technology is leading, the degree of intelligence is high, the online debugging is simple, the single machine capacity is high, the working performance is stable, and the price is affordable!

Want to quickly obtain the three-dimensional data of the product? Can’t find the CAD drawing of the product? Need to do finite element data analysis? Need to scan the model to establish 3D data for inspecting the surface of the part? Obtaining 3D data and models of historical buildings, ancient villages, and archaeological sites? All your needs, in, can provide the best 3D Scanning Service in a short time.


In contact with Guangdong mask machine manufacturers, how much does it cost to build a mask production line? In fact, it can be divided into two types of costs, one is the cost of equipment and the other is the cost of raw materials. Raw material costs include non-woven fabrics, melt-blown fabrics, straps, etc. This depends on the type of the masks produced. The cost of the mask machine depends on whether you buy the fully automatic or semi-automatic. Some semi-automatic mask machines need to be purchased separately Ultrasonic welding machine, slicer, etc. The market price of the fully automatic N95 mask machine is more than one million, and it can be invested at one time. There is no need to purchase equipment other than mask materials.

Han's Yueming Group fully automatic KN95 mask machine is a fully automatic mask machine, no need to connect other equipment, from feeding to finished products, fully automatic production is achieved, It mainly consists of five functional MODULE parts: from the unwinding of fabric, contour welding process, ear band welding process, folding process, edge banding and cutting process. The modular and user-friendly design makes KN95, FFP2 and other masks very convenient for production and maintenance. It can quickly realiza the timely change of production of masks such as KN95 and FFP2. This is something that many Guangdong mask machine manufacturers cannot do. Welcome mask manufacturers from all over the world to visit our Dongguan Songshan Lake production base!


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