Connectors resist vibration and shock in harshest-environment applications

EMM Series connectors from Nicomatic meet or exceed the performance requirements of MIL 83513-G and MIL-DTL 55302G to decrease space and weight in the most severe environments, including defence, space, motorsport, civil aviation, UAVs and robotics. The 1.27mm pitch interconnects provide a 40% space reduction over their parent CMM Series and a 20% space saving compared to standard Micro D connectors.

On a 1.27mm pitch in 04 to 60 pin configurations, the series is highly modular, ideal for board to board and board to wire configurations, with male and female thru-hole and SMT straight and 90-degree variants as well as cabled versions available. These 90-degree interconnects provide inventive integrated back protection, with the contacts shielded by a proprietary design. Hardware is interchangeable, with locking and guiding functions offered on both male and female connectors to make sure no misalignment or mismating can occur.

Electrical performance is excellent with a rated voltage of 250V RMS at sea level, dielectric withstanding voltage 750V RMS. At high altitude, where the series is often specified, diaelectric withstanding voltage is 540V RMS at 30,000 feet and 465V RMS at over 100,000 feet.

For extreme environments, the series is qualified to withstand vibration, shock, extreme temperature cycling, fluid immersion, humidity and salt spray corrosion. For space applications, they are certified to meet the ASTM E595 (ECSS-Q-ST-70-02C) specification for thermal vacuum outgassing.


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