CNC turning and milling combined processing is a new choice for machine tool transformation

CNC turning-milling composite processing manufacturers introduced that composite functions have enabled CNC machine tools to significantly increase the production speed of finished workpieces. Nowadays, machining tends to be high-precision, multi-variety, small-batch, low-cost, short-cycle and complex processing. Compound machining is an important technological development direction of CNC machine tools. The many advantages of compound machining will be more widely used in automation products and technology on machine tools.

High-speed and high-precision is not only the processing speed of CNC machine tools on the workpiece, but also the higher precision of the products produced. It also requires the CNC machine tools to run at high speed and accurately locate during the entire process of workpiece processing to reduce the number of workpieces. The time spent in preparation, processing, transshipment, storage and other links will comprehensively improve the production efficiency of the factory and reduce production costs.

The composite function of CNC turning and milling composite processing enables the CNC machine tool to significantly increase the production speed of the finished workpiece, which can greatly eliminate the transportation, clamping and waiting time during the hashing process, greatly shorten the processing cycle and reduce the processing time in the processing workshop. The number of products. The workpiece is only clamped and positioned once on the machine tool, which not only reduces the processing auxiliary time, but also improves the processing accuracy of the workpiece.

Obviously, CNC turning and milling compound processing machine tools have higher requirements for automation products. The realization of composite functions relies on real-time detection and intelligent judgment of workpieces and tools, data calculation, tool management and system control. Automation products and technologies such as high-sensitivity probes, high-speed processing chips, smaller and faster response sensors and actuators will be more widely used in machine tools.


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