Canada’s 3D printed holiday home is listed on Airbnb

 Canada’s first 3D printed house Fibonacci House (Fibonacci House) has become the first of its kind to be listed on the travel accommodation website Airbnb.

Fibonacci House is inspired by Fibonacci Sequence, the golden section sequence. The building uses a unique free-form surface design, but retains a highly sturdy structure, which makes it completely soundproof and adaptable to changing climates. The small house measures only 35 square meters, but can still squeeze into a living area, a furnished kitchen, and provide accommodation for two adults and two children in the mezzanine.

Appropriately, the bathroom of this miniature building is also covered with mosaics in the center of the “Fibonacci curve”, and its courtyard continues along this curve, overlooking the charming scenery of the area. In fact, the house itself was printed using the Twente system for 11 days, including a total of 20 additively manufactured parts. The company said its completed homes demonstrate the material and energy efficiency improvements that can be achieved through 3D Printing technology. It is understood that the current rental price of the holiday home is 94 pounds per night.

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