Bidirectional DC power supplies and regenerative DC loads for testing fuel cells

With the demand for growing hydrogen fuel cell development and test, EA Elektro-Automatik offers a series of powerful bidirectional DC power supplies and regenerative DC loads excellent for fuel cell stack testing.

Fuel cell performance demands adherence to a mixture of specifications, so test engineers need to conduct a series of characterisation, performance and durability tests. Fuel cells are characterised by determining their resistance. Fuel cell performance is normally indicated through polarisation curves by measuring its voltage and current. A durability test is the test after a fuel cell stack enters operating conditions, the stack is subjected to a constant series of charge/discharge cycles to assure that it will operate safely and reliably in the field.

“In response to the demand for clean energy, the market for fuel cells is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 26.4% and is projected to reach $848M by 2025. Uses for fuel cells include power generation for commercial vehicles such as buses and forklifts, backup power generation systems, and for other power sources. To ensure the design and manufacturing of quality fuel cells, EA Elektro-Automatik offers its EA-PSB 10000 2-quadrant power supplies and EA-ELR 10000 series electronic loads. Both the EA-PSB power supplies and the EA-ELR loads sink up to 30 kW and feed the energy back to the grid to enable testing of any size fuel cell stack,” said Markus Schyboll, CEO of EA Elektro-Automatik (EA).


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