Analysis of the structure of CNC lathe by precision CNC machining company

The structure of CNC lathe indexable turning tool in precision machining:

1. Wedge clamping type:

According to the precision CNC machining company, it consists of a set screw, a tool pad, a pin, a compression wedge, and a blade. In this way, the blade is clamped by the pressing force of the pin and the wedge. Its characteristics are the same as the wedge type, but the chip is not as smooth as the wedge type. In addition, there are pressure hole type, bolt up pressure type, up pressure type and so on.
2. Wedge type:

It is composed of a tightening wedge, a tool pad, screws, pins, and blades. Precision CNC machining company said that this method relies on the pin and wedge to tighten the blade. Features: Suitable for various negative rake angle blades, the effective rake angle can be varied from -60° to +180°. There is no groove wall on both sides, which is convenient for profiling cutting or reversing operation.

3. Leverage type:

According to the analysis of a precision CNC machining company, it consists of a shim, a shim pin, a lever, a screw, and a blade. In this way, the screw is tightened and pressed against the lever, and the blade is pressed by the force of the lever to achieve the purpose of clamping. Features: Suitable for inserts with various positive and negative rake angles, the effective rake angle range is -60° to +180°; the chips can flow through unimpeded, and the cutting heat does not affect the screw holes and levers; the two groove walls give the inserts a strong force The support, and to ensure the accuracy of indexing.


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