2019 International Orthodontic Conference: HADP™ ultra-fast 3D printing technology debuts

On September 23-25, the 2019 International Orthodontic Conference and the 18th National Orthodontic Academic Conference were successfully held in Nanjing.

This grand event invited more than 150 academic experts from home and abroad, held more than 100 academic events, attracted more than 4,000 doctors from all over the world to participate in the conference, and bring a rich knowledge feast to the 2019 International Orthodontics.

The invisible orthodontics industry combines big data, AI intelligence and 3D Printing technology to make the treatment more convenient and scientific, and the treatment effect is more beautiful. More and more invisible orthodontics are used clinically to replace traditional orthodontics. The domestic market is further explored and has good prospects.

Want to quickly obtain the three-dimensional data of the product? Can’t find the CAD drawing of the product? Need to do finite element data analysis? Need to scan the model to establish 3D data for inspecting the surface of the part? Obtaining 3D data and models of historical buildings, ancient villages, and archaeological sites? All your needs, in 3d-printing-china.com, can provide the best 3D Scanning Service in a short time.

At this International Orthodontic Conference, Ruifeng Technology brought the 3D Printing equipment developed by the team-RF6050 to a wonderful appearance for the first time! Ruifeng Technology closely follows market demand and understands the pain points of manufacturers. In order to further improve production efficiency and reduce dental mold production costs, it has developed an ultra-fast light-curing 3D printing technology with independent intellectual property rights-HADP™ technology.

 The “HADP™” technology, when equipped with a super-array digital printing system, can print a dental model in an average of 30 seconds, and the printing speed is among the best in the world!

The exhibition site attracted a large number of domestic and foreign visitors to come and communicate. Professor Shen Lida, Dr. Xie Deqiao and Dr. Liang Huixin from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics put forward constructive opinions on the market development prospects, application fields and intellectual property protection of Ruifeng Technology.  

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